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SeeLook regarde notre histoire.

Que faisait le monde, ce jour là ?

 Seelook looks at our history. 

 What did our world, that day?





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Jocelyn Page interview –mise à jour et nouvelle traduction1992-2016-

Jocelyn Page -Setting interview current and new traduction1992-2016-

Jocelyn Seite -Einrichten Interview aktuellen und neuen traduction1992-2016-

corriente entrevista Jocelyn Página -Configuración y nuevos traduction1992-2016-














Version française du commentaire sur le concept, cliquez ici.



Here is the best representation of the Spirit world music concept, imagined but the compositor, orchestrator and producer JOCELYN PAGE.

Originally, with pop, rock, and jazz influences, the new direction taken by the author, is much more directed in a mood of jazz-rock, electric jazz, contemporary classical music and experimental sounds.  Began in 1984, this concept has evolued during the years, with less lyrics, and more instrumental music.

TRISöLOGIA is a perfect representation of the mind of JOCELYN PAGE . TRISôLOGIA is a story about the creation of a new world, a new philosophy, a new spiritual era. This album is also a tribute to the different musicians which have been very important in the evolution of this concept.

Here are these musicians and/ or compositors :

Christian Vander (Magma)


Herbie Hancock

                - Chick Corea

                 Jaco Pastorius

- Stanley Clarke

                 Alphonso Johnson

- John Mc Laughlin

                 Jan Hammer

                 Jean-Luc Ponty

                 Max Middleton

                 Soft Machine

                 Robert Wyatt

                - Yochk'o Seffer

                 Univers 0

 Joe Zawinul

                 Weathr Repor

                - Mike Ratledge

                - John Marshall and Roy Baddington

                - Hugh Hooper


                Igor Stravinsky

                - Belà Bartok

                - Olivier Messien


                - Frank Zappa

                JOCELYN PAGE thanks a lot all these musicien for their music’s.

                Texte author : COLEEN Mc Gill

                communication manager Sirius-Neeting records

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